Tuition Conditions of entry to School

Instructions admission and Tuition Conditions of entry to School

As those who have been accepted as a high school graduation or equivalent facility

Registration Document

(Entrant )

1. Application for Admission (download on the web)

2. Curriculum Vitae (download on the web)

3. Certification in school history to be released by the institution in your country (or the Japanese arts province)

4. Certification of transcripts, certified diploma at school ended last in their respective countries.

5. Certification Exams exam results each Japanese or Japanese language proficiency certificates

6. Confirmation learn Japanese

7. Picture 5 piece (3cm x 4cm)

All the above documents are required to be translated into Japanese

( Guarantour)

1. A written guarantee (download from website)

2. Certificate of bank account (at 30,000 USD or more)

3. Certificate of employment or certificate (license) business.

4. The income certificate, certificate of taxpayer within 3 years

5.The certification materials explaining the relationship of the sponsor and the applicant

Semester enrollment

Start semeste corse application period
April 2years until last year October
July 1 year 9 month until this year february
October 1 year 6 month until this year April
January 1 year 3 month until last year August

Tenor of episodic school enrollment

corse Batched study time Start semeste tenor reception academic content
Long-term  semester more than six months January,April,July,October January: last year July〜middle of August

April: last year September middle of October

July:January〜middle of February

October:March〜middle of April

· Grammar, reading, writing · listen

· Conversation, writing

· The term drought, skills

· listen


· Syntax, Japan news


Long-term 3months January,April,July,October
Rolling admissions of each semester.
Working holiday 3months January,April,July,October
Rolling admissions of
each semester.

Our offices are located all over the world, including Canada, China, Korea …where make an effort to create the learning environment and culture for Japanese language learners. We are conveying the integrated international environment and mutual understanding to the student all over the world. As a result, it bring the massive happiness at our working place. See you then in Japan.

Student Administration Department: + 81 – 47 495 -0888