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Tokyo Japan Leberal Arts College of Waseda is located within 5 minutes walk from Waseda University,and very convinient to get to. It is quite friendly town for foreigner people,because there are lots of people from overseas.

Also,Funabashi city,standing Tokyo Japan Leberal Arts College of Funabashi is located within 20 munites by train from Tokyo station
.It is quite comfortable and quiet place,so it is very suitable to study for you.

Since school establishment in October 2001,we are producing many grobal talented personnels.

In addition to Japanese lesson, we provide you many opportunities to have a variety of Japanese cultural activities to spend satisfying life in Japan.We really waiting to see you of our heart.

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School instruction


Instruction of Funabashi city

Funabashi city is quite convenient city,and only 20 minutes away from 
Tokyo Station by train.Also there are very cultual and full of naturel, and you can see traditional Japanese festival in Funabashi.

This city used to be a big post town to pray for Naritasan .In April 1942,Funabashi town,Katsushika town,Yaei village, Tsukada village were merged as Funabashi city.By reason of good access to Tokyo,there was population increase after that,and there are six hundred thousand people living here now.  

Greeting from school

In the modern society, the crowd of globalization brings about a new demand for the foreign language learning. A role and the viewpoint that Japan achieves in the global community are greatly related to learning Japanese. In these days when the border with a country and the country fades more and more, I add a new idea called met full-fledged bizarrerie bar personnel training to needs of the globalization society based on strong linguistic ability and, including a teacher, take it in development of the always more substantial educational program to all the staff.


Instruction of school facilities