Instruction of course

Opening course [4 times a year]

You can choose from January,April,July,October.

Instruction of course The aim of a lesson Remark
Preparatory course for university,college 2 years course
(1,600 hours equevalent to 80 weeks study)

1 year and 9months course
(1,400 hours equevalent to 70 weeks study)

1 year and 6months course
(1,200 hours equevalent to 60 weeks study)
1 year and 3months course
(1,000 hours equevalent to 50 weeks study)

Application time [October to November of preceding year]

February to March [of Entrance year]

April to May [of Entrance year]

July to September [of Entrance year]

Working holiday course Working holiday course
6months course(400 hours equevalent to 20weeks study)
3months course(200 hours equevalent to 10weeks study)
Course for EJU examination Daily lesson[Mainly Japanese]
Main subject and class[Ex:English,Math,Sience, etc]
Career guidance and University Seminar
Course four‐year university [college]
Course for graduate school
Course for junior college
Test measure for Ministry of Education
Short course Japanese conversation lesson
Japanese business conversation lesson course
Experience a Japanese culture,company tour,
Field trip for Japanese hotel and Food

Time for Lessons

Class details
AM: 9:00-12:15
*Each class will be classified by Japanese test results to A.M. or P.M class.
Every class is from Monday to Friday[5days].
Each quarter has 3 months.

Level Study program / Details
Beginner’s class Ⅰ-Ⅱ In this course,you learn usual Japanese accent,pronunciation 
and basic grammer.Through writing a basic essay,speaking,you can learn basic writing and listening skill.
Also you learn 300 to 500 chinese charactors.
Middle class Ⅰ-Ⅱ In this course, in addition to improve vocabrary and expression,our strategiies aimed at understanding opponents intentions correctly.
Our final aim is to pass N1 or N2 for JLPT.
Advanced class Ⅰ-Ⅱ In this course,we are aiming to get a general Japanese skill for taking
class in Japanese university or college.Also we are aiming to get same Japanese level as Native speaker to communicate in daily life and workplace

College course /School hours

College course. 授業の特徴
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Cultural courses

English,Math,Integrated studies,Physical chemistry

A.M. Japanese 9:00〜12:30General education subjects Terminology for customer service
Arts English Math English Math ntegrated studies 12:40〜13:30

A person who wish to enter a national university.
[Advanced Japanese skill is required]
*Selective systems between pyisics and chemistry

Take measures for university entrance examination 
[To select university, to write a composition,having an interview]
Math English Math English Math Physical chemistry English,Math,Integrated studies,Physical chemistry

School schedule

Opening course[4/7] Final exams,Extracurricular [after school] activities
A (physical) checkup , EJU exam[6/15]
Opening course[beginning of July] Summer vacation[2 weeks]
Summer excursion 
Barbecue party
Final exams[only person who wishes,since summer vacation]
Opening course[beginning of October] LPT exam[12/7]
A (physical) checkup
Chiristmas party
Winter vacation[12/20-1/4]
Opening course[Around 1/5]

Speech contest
Coming-of-age Day
Graduation ceremony[March]

Examination for a scholarship student[March]

*School schedule may be changed depending on various reasons.