Guidance in dormitory

– Tokyo Japan Liberal Arts College  is located in a convenient area with a clean environment, and conduct independent dormitory full equipment.

– Schools are working hard to create conditions favorable environment for learning.

A person (a dormitory near school), 2 and 3, double occupancy on double occupancy rooms and dormitory rooms, 4, double occupancy room is ready. From a distance of the third in the region by train from school on foot 5 to 15 different there a dormitory on the street.

◆ Achieving admission two months ago, reserved without fail.

Dormitory fees:

2 people 1 room (3months or 6months contract)

Entrance fees is 30.000 円 (non-refundable) and equipment fee is 38.000 円 (nonrefundable)

Dormitory fee is 35.000 yen (excluding gas, water, electric)

3 month (total: 173.000 円).

6 month (total: 278.000 円)

Room 3 persons (units 3 month contract or 6 months)

– Fees in domitory: 30,000 円  (non-refundable)             – Fees Devices: 38,000 円   (not returned)

– Domitory money: 25,000 (excluding gas, water, electric)

+ 3 months ( total: 143,000 円)             + 6 months (total: 218,000 円 )

Fees devices include fees of decontamination,fees of quarantine when leaving the room,fees of devices charges using the washing machine, bed, TV, air conditioning, etc ..

  • Please just bedding for each preparation.