Guidance in dormitory

– Tokyo Japan Liberal Arts College  is located in a convenient area with a clean environment, and conduct independent dormitory full equipment.

– Schools are working hard to create conditions favorable environment for learning.

Only in Funabashi, Double occupancy rooms(2 people) and Dormitory rooms(3-4 people) are ready. From a distance of the third in the region by train from school on foot 5 to 15 different there a dormitory on the street.

◆ Achieving admission two months ago, reserved without fail.

早稲田校 waseda campus

The cost varies from student hall to student hall.
If you want to stay in the dorm, please contact us in advance.

◎ Student dormitory facilities are shared.

船橋本校 Funabashi campus

Dormitory fees:

2 people 1 room (3months or 6months contract)

Entrance fees is 30.000 円 (non-refundable) and equipment fee is 38.000 円 (nonrefundable)

Dormitory fee is 35.000 yen (excluding gas, water, electric)

3 month (total: 173.000 円).

6 month (total: 278.000 円)

Room 3or4 persons (units 3 month contract or 6 months)

– Fees in domitory: 30,000 円  (non-refundable)             – Fees Devices: 38,000 円   (not returned)

– Domitory money: 25,000 (excluding gas, water, electric)

+ 3 months ( total: 143,000 円)             + 6 months (total: 218,000 円 )

Fees devices include fees of decontamination,fees of quarantine when leaving the room,fees of devices charges using the washing machine, bed, TV, air conditioning, etc ..

  • Please just bedding for each preparation.